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Centr x Hyrox Competition Power Sled

Centr x Hyrox Competition Power Sled

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The Centr x Hyrox Power Sled is built for efficient training—every detail meticulously designed to help you maximize your effort and achieve your personal best. Crafted from sturdy, commercial-grade steel, the sled features five poles with textured grips and markings for proper hand placement, mirroring competition standards. Its sleek, aerodynamic build is tailored to the turf of Hyrox fitness races, ensuring every push and pull propels you towards victory. It’s also easy to see the weight you’re working with, thanks to a central pole that holds over 150KG / 330 LBs of bumper plates. With the Centr x Hyrox Power Sled, you're not just working out; you're setting yourself up to be a powerhouse competitor.

Centr is the Official Equipment Provider of Hyrox. Centr and Hyrox are taking the World Series of Fitness Racing to the next level with the world's first ever competition equipment made for the sport. Engineered with durability and performance in mind for training at the gym, at home, and in competition.

  • Intentionally designed with a handle knurling and hand-placement markings for a consistent grip
  • Engineered to perform optimally on Hyrox turf for a frictionless effort
  • Stack in bumper plates and add or remove corner poles to challenge your sled push and pull circuits


  • Materials
      • Frame & Handles: Powder Coated Steel
      • Weight Plate Horn: Chrome Plated
  • Dimensions
      • L - 102 cm / 40.2 in
      • W - 60 cm / 23.6 in
      • H - 99.7 cm / 39.3 in
  • Weight
      • 50 kg (110.2 lb)
  • Colors
    • Black and Chrome Plated
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